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Locked, locked, locked and loaded,
and your words are the gun
Hold your breath,
put your finger on the trigger

And it’s one on one, one on one

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"I’ll do it over, no matter how many times it takes"



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Hit-Girl fan art for Sketch Dailies prompt. 

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I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been doing enough art etc etc so I’m gonna make myself do this whole Inktober thing! Hopefully! Cool inking is something I’ve wanted to try ever since seeing certain peoples’ art (cough cough) even as far as a few years ago, so I’m hoping things go well.

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All your female bodies (human and otherwise) look exactly the same. Try to bench out. It's always small breasts and huge hips. Spice it up, man.

I won’t deny that this is definitely a problem (and honestly a result of personal preference haha) but I’ll just say that I’m in the middle of a Life Drawing course this semester and it’s helped like crazy so hopefully things will be looking better when I do actually get a chance to draw for fun

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Painted the girl and her wolf.

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Korra in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s (radiomaru) style (Scott Pilgrim/Seconds) colored. Wouldn’t that be so awesome ?

I might do one for each book (might) just for fun.

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Villa in Vals, by SeARCH and CMA (design Bjarne Mastenbroek & Christian Muller) | Switzerland

photography by Iwan Baan

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A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Mirror Gem

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus

Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai

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So a few people have asked about the Three Blades book, and if it would be reprinted! 
Now, finally, I can say Yes! We will reprint it in September! Keep an eye out on this tumblr, or sign up to our mailing list at
I’ve started drawing more sword groups again, too! Here’s the first one I’ve completed. 

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Original cavestory artworks by Pixel.

Pixel is a boss. He makes a great game, great music, and great art.

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It’s getting chillyyyyyy!

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Character I’ve been working on: Demon-hunting, katana- and bass-wielding demon girl who rides a motorcycle around the country combating the forces of darkness that she formerly was a part of.

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